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About us

Modeski Business Hub (RC: 1850456) is  a private sector business development company that aims to empower small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) through education, training, research, investment, incubation/acceleration and skill development programs.

In the view to upgrade the African entrepreneurial space, we are working on new startups development, helping established SMEs to scale their businesses productively and profitably, as well as empowering youths with demanding economic skills.

We aim to accelerate the growth of skilled youths and entrepreneurs in Nigeria and Africa at large. By 2030, We intend to be the leading incubator and accelerator in Nigeria and one of the leaders in Africa, that hosts most promising startups, provides them with infrastructure, business services, and seed funds. We will grow the community by expanding the youths capacity with necessary skills, enhancing the entrepreneurial sector and producing well planned successful businesses.

Establishing a new ideology to the perception of a sustainable business.
Mission Statement

 Attaining business success and profitability through accurate business education, detailed business structuring and development.

Our products

No limits as far as business endeavours and learnings are concerned

What sets us apart?

We harness the power and possibilities of technology in all our endeavors.

We don’t just train individuals on the act of doing business; we also provide financial opportunities for limitless exploration.

At Modeski, Quality time, swiftness, customer satisfaction and solid structure are very important concept to us that must be upheld diligently.


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