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670 Lafayette Ave, Brooklyn,
NY 11216

+1 800 966 4564
+1 800 9667 4558

What is the Skill Up program about?

In this fast changing world and the consistent exposure to technological advancement, the need to continuously get equipped with relevant skillsets cannot be overemphasized.

Modeski Skill Up 0.1 seeks to bridge the knowledge gap by exposing individuals to trainings and mentoring sessions which can serve has the foundation needed to become skillful in specifically identified fields.

The training session would be in the form of a basic masterclass with facilitators who are knowledgeable and practicing professionals in the identified fields .

Skill  will help build a foundation upon which the trainee can acquire more knowledge in their desired skill through advance trainings offered by Modeski hub.

The Skill Up Program by Modeski is a program that aims to empower various individuals with economic demanding skills such as;

Digital marketing
Graphics design
UI/UX design
Content Creation
Back end development
Data analysis
Mobile app development
Front end development
Affiliate marketing